Build 03 has been shipped

As I mentioned in the earlier post, Build 03 will be sent to a reviewer. Today it was shipped. I hope nothing will get damaged during transportation. It was received the next day.

FC10 weight with mobo, transformer, LPSU boards and others

The original FC10 case weight is 5.4 kg when empty, so I have added roughly 3.5 kg of items into the case. With FC10 box, the weight is 10.2 kg.

Streamer weight inside FC10 box
Recycled outer box for extra protection

No, I am not shipping Dumex milk. Making custom double box for shipping needs time and MOQ of 500 pcs. So I decided to recycle used box. This is mainly for extra protection. Shipping weight is 12.4 kg.

Shipping weight

The brand name is AA Audio. AA is the acronym of my name. Brand logo is being explored and will be designed.

By Anwar

Dr. Anwar Ali is a consultant in the area of Operations Research / Decision Science. During his free time and as a side business, he builds high-performance and moderate-cost music streamer.